Last year saw the first ever Food Geek Awards. They seemed to go down pretty well and are a bit different from the usual ‘Top 10 Lists’ that are so popular at this time a year so it looks like they might become a regular thing.

After eating out around 130 times in 2013 the awards are much bigger and better this year with 10 new categories added and the shortlist for many increased from 3 to 5. Click the award to reveal the winners listed in reverse order. Links are included to the most relevant post/review for each restaurant or dish.

Like last year, the majority of my dining experiences in 2013 were positive but there were a couple of exceptions which you’ll find in the ‘Worst Of’ awards at the end.

Finally, please bear in mind that these awards are a bit of fun and of course subjective. I’ve tried to include a range of places from burger bars and gastropubs to authentic cuisine and fine-dining restaurants.

Best Restaurant Awards

Best Dish Awards

Worst Of Awards

Phew! That was tough. Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below and see you at the same time next year!